Friday, August 20, 2010

LIVE REMIX performer line-up


Eric Tandoc (ET) is a cultural worker from Anakbayan LA who creates art to educate, inspire, and motivate people to take action in changing today's society. As a filmmaker and video DJ from the Mass Movement crew, ET fuses his passion for music and film towards advancing the movement for genuine freedom and democracy in the Philippines and worldwide. "We live only one life and for how long is unknown, so we must do as much as we can to push forward our people's struggle in the time that we have - now."

Kiwi Coming to you from the Bay Area (by way of Los Angeles), Kiwi has been holding it down in the independent hip hop scene for nearly a decade, rocking shows from California to New York to the Philippines. Representing one-third of Filipino hip hop group Native Guns, he was recently featured as the lead subject of documentary "Sounds of a New Hope," and is currently working on his upcoming full-length album, "Love and Justice."

Power Struggle is rapper Nomi accompanied by producers Mister REY and Fatgums. Spitting raw insight with a grimy Midwest flow, Nomi represents hard for those who live under the fingernails of society, yet celebrate life with every breath. Power Struggle reflects the life and times of workers, students, hustlers, artists, immigrants, revolutionaries, rejects, failures, redeemers and dreamers.

Gingee is the solo project of Marjorie Light, a DJ, educator and organizer from Los Angeles. Her music blends electronic, hip hop, and world beats with poetic lyrics and instruments such as the Filipino Kulintang and Vietnamese Dan Bao. Her songs are vital reflections of her travels, emotional journeys and her experiences as a woman of color.

Shining Sons is an up and coming group from the Eastside of Long Beach. Intellect and Jedi are twin brothers who have turned their lives around from gang banging through learning about people's struggles in the U.S. and back home in the Phillipines. Now they spread awareness through hip-hop and community organizing with Anakbayan LA to create social change in communities worldwide.

Krystle Tugadi Southern California Native, Krystle Tugadi, is an up and coming vocalist to definitely watch out for. Growing up, she discovered that music was her safe haven and her true calling in life. She grew up learning the piano and focused on harnessing her vocal ability. With a plethora of different artists that influenced her music, Krystle has found her niche in the music scene as an R&B/Soul/Folk artist. With Krystle's soulful stylings and drive for music, we expect big things for this amazing performer - so make sure to keep an eye on this girl.

Menchie Caliboso is the guitarist and vocalist of rock band Feed The Feeble. After living in Long Beach, San Francisco and Seattle, Menchie is currently settled in Boston to study music therapy at Berklee College of Music. Wherever she is, she always finds a way to connect with the community through art and activism. She plans on returning to Long Beach when the breakwater is taken down. Restore the shore!
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Vicoy Bagongsigaw was born and raised in the Philippines and is now residing in the U.S. He became an MC to share the knowledge and experiences that he has gained by being able to witness the lives of FIlipinos and Fil-Ams. "With the help of my kasamas, hopefully people would even take time to ask themselves why they have to leave our homeland, the Philippines."

k.see hails from Queens, NY; picked up nine years of North Jersey love; and now lives in Long Beach, CA. She lives for the people, loves the people, writes poems and songs for the people. She is inspired by the people, serves, and fights on a daily basis for the people.

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